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General Regulations

The Middle East International Music Festival of Youth and Students will be held from the 1st till 16th of February 2024 in Dubai – two productive weeks with special masterclasses from world known famous conductors and musicians including.

The Festival includes:

Master classes from the best professional conductors from around the world

Performances will take place at the concert venues in Dubai

Full access to InClassica International Music Festival

Diploma of Completion at the end of the course

14 unforgettable days in all-inclusive charming hotel

And finally the sun, the sea and the ocean of positive emotions

What do you need to join Festival?

Fill out a registration form on our website by September 10, 2023

To pay the entrance fee of 250 Euro for each participant. Remaining amount 950 Euro should be paid upon arrival

Prepare interesting and vibrant programs

Purchase a ticket

Don't miss your plane

Come and have fun!

Our compliments:

Airport pickup and drop off to hotel

Masterclasses with World known Conductors

Opportunity to participate in the performance

All-inclusive hotel accommodation with beach access

Full access to 'InClassica' International Music Festival

Free transfer to 'InClassica' International Music Festival

Certificate of Completion at the end of the Course

By the end of our Middle Eats Festival of Youth and Students we will not say goodbye
but waiting to welcome you again next Festival.
Remember, nothing bonds the team together like traveling together.

Hurry up, the number of participants is limited!

Regulation for participation:

Registration for the Middle East Festival of Youth and Students is open to applicants of all nationalities. A youth groups from all over the world. Age limit for participants of the festival: not older than 25 years. We invite symphony, chamber, wind and folk orchestras, as well as choirs to participate.
The minimum team size is 20 people.